Frequently Asked Questions (Hire)

Our huge shop is located in a commercial park on Young St in Waterloo. We are between McEvoy St and Dank St about 150 metres down from Hillsong church (on the same side) towards McEvoy St.

The commercial park has many bays. We are shop No.19 right on the street, so if you can’t see us you may be in the wrong bay.

We have parking right out the front of the shop

Still lost? See Map in Contact Us page.

For corporate functions, school theatre productions, film styling, or group bookings of 5 or more, appointments are required and available on Thursdays and Fridays only. You can ring us on 02 9318 2511 to organise an appointment with one of our stylists during our business hours.

Other fancy dress needs do not require an appointment and assistance is available on a walk in basis. So we can help you pick out a costume for your mates 21st or 50th any day of the week!

Of course you can! Also see FAQ: CAN I BOOK OVER THE PHONE OR EMAIL?
Sometimes you want to beat everyone from your party to get the first choice, or if it’s a busy period such as Halloween, Purim, Easter or the weekend. Sometimes our racks can get a little bare! You can come in days, weeks or even months ahead, choose your costume and book it in. We do NOT hold any costumes without payment, NO EXCEPTIONS.

A minimum of $33 must be paid to book the outfit. This $33 is nonrefundable if you choose to cancel it as the costume has been off the floor and unavailable for our other customers to hire. If you change your mind on a booked costume it is an $11 change of mind fee.

We always recommend for people to come in and try the costume on first before booking to check on fit and if any alterations need to be done. We are happy to pick out an outfit and book it in for you as long as a payment is made if you don’t have time to get in.

Please be aware that once the costume has left the building it is classed as a hire. If you have relied on staff to put something together that, once you receive it, are not happy with it, we cannot refund the hire cost.

Please contact us through our Contact Us page if you have any other queries about booking.

We don’t take credit card details over the phone so you will need to Email. Tell us what you want, the dates you want it and any other relevant information. We will email you back with a credit card Authorisation of credit card debit.

You need to fill out all relevant detail such as name, address, phone number and signature OF THE CARDHOLDER. If cardholder is not picking up we need photocopies of the credit card being used


We do not put any costumes on hold without payment. No one can sign on behalf on the cardholder. Even if it is a COMPANY CARD the person whose name is on the card must be the one to sign the authorisation form.If you are arranging a courier or someone other than the card holder to pick up costumes, then we will need a photocopy of the front and back of the credit card being used to verify your identity as we haven’t seen your Photo I.D. This is important for companies to remember. If we don’t have the relevant I.D. or photocopy of the card we can’t release costumes.

This has resulted in many frustrated couriers and assistants, but it is a rule we strictly adhere to. We want to know our costumes are going to the right place and going to be looked after.

You will need a form of Photo I.D. For example, a passport, driver’s licence, student ID etc.

You can pay with cash, EFT, Visa, MasterCard. We don’t accept AMEX or Diners.

Deposit will be required. This is a bond between you and us to make sure are items are returned in good time and condition.

We take the details of your credit card in a manual swipe that records your credit card details. When you return your costume, your credit card details on the swipe are given back to you.

The deposit does NOT get debited off the card. If a large volume of clothes are being hired and the deposit is over $400, we do freeze that amount on the card and retract the freeze when the costumes are returned.

PLEASE NOTE: Costumes will only be put aside once full payment or deposit has been paid.

Yes you can. A standard hire is 1-3 days. Extended hire is charged at 12% of your hire fee per day.

For instance, if a costume costs you $66, each additional day will be $7.90. We do not charge for Sunday as we are note open.

You can advise staff when in store or booking how long you need the costume for and they will work out the pricing for you.

A standard hire is 1-3 days.

Hired on      Due Back on

Monday          Thursday
Tuesday          Friday
Wednesday     Saturday
Thursday        Monday
Friday             Monday
Saturday         Tuesday

Each additional day is charged at 12% per costume per day.You do not get charged for Sunday or Public Holidays.

For example, If you paid $66 to hire your costume it will be $7.90 per day to extend the hire. This extended hire can be paid on return of items or when booking.

Please note though, if we try to contact you to no avail, and no one has advised us that they are keeping the item(s) for an extended time, we assume that it’s not coming back and take further action. You will be charged replacement if we have not heard from you in two weeks.

Hire stock: You can cancel a booked costume but we have a cancellation fee of $33 per costume. If you paid more than $33 we will refund you the difference to your card.

Please note, once the days that the costume was booked for have expired, you cannot ask for any monies back. It is classed as a non-picked up hire.

If you booked a costume and decided to change it ,we charge an $11 change of mind fee. We do this because whilst the costume is off the floor booked under your name, others cannot hire it.

Sale stock: We do not exchange or refund any sale stock at all. No exceptions unless they are faulty under the Consumers Rights Acts.

Yes we do!

Student card holders get 10% off hire stock. Card must be shown when booking or hiring- not on return. Discount is not available for purchase items.

Schools, TAFE, and University staff receive 10% off hire stock. Discount only available on hire stock

We often offer discounts for large orders at owners discretion. Please ask at counter for details

If you have a party coming up and can recommend us to all your partygoers, we can, at the owners discretion, offer a discount for you and your guests. Email us at for more details

People buying bulk orders of sale stuff do get a small percentage off between 5-10% on orders over $200.

Monday and Tuesday are usually the times for returns, so not all the costumes are on the floor.

Then they need to be laundered and ironed or steamed.

All the options are back on the rack by Thursday, so it’s a good day to come in.

If you need quite a bit of help, avoid Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday as staff are usually busy with lots of customers.

Coming in with a list of ideas or images of what you like, to show our staff can save a lot of time and frustration. It can be hard for us to read what’s in your mind, so visuals or lists can really aid us.

Please allow at least an hour to find a costume and go through the hire process. Coming in at 15 minutes to closing is not recommended, as we start closing the hire down then.


No we don’t sorry. We don’t have one because we need to check the items back to make sure the condition is okay and everything is returned. A friend or colleague is welcome to return on your behalf. We do this also because we have your credit card slip deposits or cash that we like to give back to you to confirm all is returned.

You can courier, post or get a friend or colleague to drop them back.

Please do not leave costumes out the front. If they go missing you will need to pay for replacement.

Yes you can. It needs to be posted to our PO BOX. (PO Box 170, Surry Hills NSW 2010).

As long as the item is posted on the day it is due for return we don’t charge a late fee, even if we get it a few days later!

You can also courier the items back or get a friend or colleague to drop them back.

We are happy to help in regards to large orders and do offer a bulk discount at the owner’s discretion upon hire.If you require us to size costumes by providing us with measurements we charge a sizing fee that is around $15 per costume, at the owner’s discretion.

Please also see FAQ above: CAN I BOOK OVER THE PHONE OR EMAIL? for tips about using a company credit card, booking over email and our protocols.

*Please note: no costumes can be put on hold without payment or deposit.

Some of our outfits are worth quite a bit of money. Some of them are vintage pieces and/or made out of materials that are no longer available, such as vintage Elizabethan Trust/Opera House items.

Mostly all of our costumes are made here. If an item or an outfit is lost you are charged a replacement.

The replacement value is based on how much something costs to replace, for example a 1940s military hat, or to remake, Iike a Ninja Turtle.

Replacement is based on how long it takes us to recut, sew and remake whatever is lost. This will include time finding the materials to make it too.

It can prove to be very expensive. We don’t want to charge replacement, so one way to avoid it is to not lose the items.


If you know you are going to get very drunk

Are going to a public place not a private party

Consider if you will be of mind to remember to leave with your costume.

No we don’t. You can organise a courier if you wish and we will pack your costume for you.

Obviously if we can wash a stain out, we won’t charge anything extra.

But remember – you as the customer need to ensure that the costume gets returned in the same state as it went out.If you spill red wine, or burn the item or stain it, you are facing some kind of extra charge eg. Dry cleaning, or the worst case scenario: replacement of the item.

No one wants an ABBA jumpsuit with a red wine stain on it! In the shop, it is your responsibility to tell the counter staff if you notice a flaw or mistake. If there is enough time we can try and fix it for you. That includes taking up hems (boys in white 70s flares please note!).

Staff will write any flaws on your hire agreement so you won’t get charged unduly.

All prices for costumes are different. Some are worth a lot of money, or need to be dry cleaned, (such as jackets), therefore are more expensive.

The more you hire, the cheaper the prices get. Eg: A good quality top hat will be $27.50 on its own to hire, but with an outfit it becomes $22.

Below is an AVERAGE chart of how much hiring a set will be. Please note, it’s only an indication of probable costs. It may be more or less than indicated. The costume shop reserves the right to change prices.

Superheroes                                  $55 – $77

Burlesque                                      $44 – $88

Uniforms (Full, Real)                   $55 – $99

Period Costumes                           $66 – $140

Medieval                                       $66 – $140

Animals – Fur Suits                      $66 – $132

Cowboys & Indians                      $44 – $88

Characters                                     $55 – $99

Top hats, Tails, Vintage Suits       $55 – $110

Flappers                                        $38.50 – $77

Retro 60s, 70s                               $44 – $88

Santa                                             $88 – $120

Armour, Gladiators                       $55 – $100